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Intrinsic Investments is a Private Investment Fund with approximately $200 million in assets under management. Investing in startups and real estate, we maintain an efficient and lean organizational structure, working with members of our community to ensure our investments benefit from the best experts - this ensures our team can focus on strategy, maximizing returns. As managers we invest alongside our investors to align our interests with  those of our investors. At Intrinsic, we are  a nimble investment company able to seize opportunities quickly . We look at startups across the globe, and property across North America, investing according to our global macro views to achieve the highest and  most consistent returns for our investors.

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At Intrinsic Ventures, we believe in the power of community.  That is why we never go into an investment alone.  We work with local and global partners to find and support the best deals with the best teams.

Intrinsic Ventures is an early-stage Venture Fund uniquely positioned to support international teams gain a foothold in North America.  We attract high quality deals, and help the founding teams relocate to Canada in as little as 4-weeks.


Accelerated growth for our investments, reduced risk for our investors, and a better life for our founding teams.

We invest in Outstanding Teams, teams with prior startup experience, product knowledge, and industry skills, combined with a shared strategic vision, entrepreneurial passion, and growth mindset, teams with a Differentiated Product, validated through extensive on-the-ground market research, with established traction in a large and addressable market, and teams that are Ready to Scale, with business processes and structures that are proven, tested, and ready to facilitate catalytic growth.



Startup Advice

Guidance to ensure the business model translates to new markets, and help with business development, sales and marketing, corporate structure, financial analysis, and employee management.



Introductions into the community through events and personal introductions, facilitating relationship development in a trusted network. Connections to the broader community is proven to shorten the sales and investment cycles. 

Often overlooked, mental wellness plays a key role in a high-performing team, and family plays a critical role in sustaining a founder’s passion and energy. We focus on ensuring the founder’s family receives the support they need in their new home, through introductions to our network of high service community organizations.

Become Canadian

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program is unique around the world.  It is the only program that offers immediate and irrevocable permanent residence status, which translates to Canadian Citizenship in as little as three years.

Our team has advised government, and we have an established network that includes government offices and immigration consultants and lawyers.

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