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Teams with prior startup experience, product knowledge, and industry skills, combined with a shared strategic vision, entrepreneurial passion, and growth mindset.

In the early stages, the founding team plays a key part of our investment decision

Industry experience is not enough. The ideal team:

  • combines experience across their industry with prior startup experience and expert product knowledge

  • has a shared strategic vision, and share a common passion for entrepreneurship

  • has growth mindset and are ready and excited to tackle all challenges

  • has a perfect balance of hard and soft skills.

Outstanding Teams

Electronic Chip

have a

Validated through extensive on-the-ground market research, with established traction in a large and addressable market.


The company must have a unique product or service offering.  It has gained a loyal following, but is still unnoticed by the industry players thit is poised to replace.


Proven Value

A business plan backed by statistics is not enough. The existing product and service offerings must be proven by the founding team spending time with customers, getting the real-world feedback necessary to create a world-class product.

Path to Growth

Is there a strategy for long term growth, including a product development roadmap derived through market feedback?

The team must continue to innovate. A single-product company will not generate the returns expected of a top-tier fund.

Differentiated Product

Above Earth


Business processes and structure are proven, tested, and ready to facilitate catalytic growth.

Work Across Verticals

The offering can sell in multiple sectors.  Digital technology, machine learning, and big data can impact multiple industries.

Capital Efficient

Capital efficiency brings higher valuations and better returns.  The ratio of technical staff to users is a quick way to see how the company can grow across the globe.

When YouTube was acquired by Google, a single engineer serviced 1 million users.  When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, a single engineer serviced 14 million users.

Cross Border

The offering translates across borders and cultures. A business model that works in East Asia should work just as well in North America with minimal rework.

Ready to Scale




Our portfolio includes growth stage companies that are innovation driven, and serve customers across the globe.

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