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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Intrinsic Innovations is a global community.  We are a global network that is dedicated to helping businesses cross borders.  We realize that no single organization can do it all - this is why we continue to expand our network of trusted partners.  We continuously hold regular discussions with our partners to understand how we can best serve our founders and their companies.

Our Story

After observing the many challenges and costs associated with expanding a business into new markets, we realized the importance of having trusted connections off-shore for establishing a cross-border business.

Intrinsic Innovations was launched as a way to facilitate global connections.  We focus on creating and fostering cross-border connections to create a pathway for businesses from Canada to other countries, and from around the world to Canada, all seamlessly.  With our partners, Intrinsic Innovations offers insights into local requirements and expectations for business operations, intellectual property, human resources, legal and regulatory requirements between the two countries, as more importantly, the sometimes-subtle differences in business culture and etiquette.

Meet The Team

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